Memory Crystal (2019)

Multimedia Installation
Group show Bridges Are Burning
TKM Gramølna, Trondheim
Winner of Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (BKH) kunststudentstipend

Memory Crystal installation explores recollecting memories as a subjective process of gradual adoption of illusions, incomplete continuity of misinterpreted storyline believed to be real. Is it possible to pull away from impulses, smells, flashbacks and emotions triggered by this illusory archive? To just witness the reality, just as it is: clear, chemical, frameless, void of meaning, beautiful.
A stream of slow-motion recordings of bodies of water is being reflected throughout the space, overlaying with a collection of different states of soap Ana made during the last semester of artistic research at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim.

There is a strong olfactory component to the installation, with samples of plant extracted scents emanating throughout the space, most notably orange.

21.05.2019 Kunstkritikk, Nicholas Norton - Opplysningstid
14.05.2019 ArtsceneTrondheim, Eline Bjerkan - Dette er ikke en utstilling
Trondheim Kunstmuseum - KiT masterutstilling Bridges Are Burning
Art & Education - Bridges Are Burning