Skin on Bones (2017)

Music video for Frõ, 5:34

Filmed and edited during one night in November 2017 by Ana in Trondheim, this documentary music video is the first of many collaborative projects between the artist and Frõ. The video captures an authentic emotional moment that came about unexpectedly while the group was having a production meeting. It is in its essence a true video document, without pretense and post processing effects, that highlights an inherent mystery and beauty of reality that can never be truly captured in a staged setting.

Excerpt from Skin on Bones

Frõ is an experimental music duo from Trondheim, Norway. Frida Blomberg and Ada Hoel join their voices with digital processing to create improvised musical landscapes inspired by nature, encountering the din of the city, they sew musical impulse in the moment it emerges; these grow into melodies, tonal landscapes and hypnotic noise.